Agora-Antallagi (Market-Exchange)

Good Friends here you can find a list of things I am putting up for sale or exchange . If interested email me at
!!!New Sale, December 2017!!!!

A variety of items. Due to shipment costs and time issues, I cannot post sale outside of Istanbul, Turkey (or Athens,Greece)-exception if you are willing to cover full shipping and handling costs. I try to be cheap, but they can come to quite a lot).

A) 28mm Fantastic Medieval and Late Medieval Collection and Army Transport Bag
Price: 500 TL for the whole lot. If you want specific parts we can talk, but there is a strong preference for selling the lot.

This includes figures, by Tradition, Games Workshop and Perry Miniatures. 

6x Kislev Gryphon Legion  (GW Metal)
20x Late Medieval Pikemen (Perry Miniatures, Plastic) 
10x Crossbowmen with Pavises (Perry Miniatures, Plastic)
1x Naval Gun and Crew (Tradition, Metal)
1x Gandalf on Horse (GW Metal)
1xWar of the Roses Gun and Crew (Perry Miniatures, Metal)
10x Handgunner (Perry Miniatures, Plastic)
20x Longbowmen (Perry Miniatures, Plastic)
20x Halberdiers-Billmen (Perry Miniatures Plastic) 
1x Witchhunter (GW Resin)
1x Gandlaf on Foot (GW Metal)
1x Mordheim Middenheimer with Hammer (GW Metal)
12x Mounted Men at Arms/Knights (Perry Miniatures Plastic)
1x Mounted King/Prince/General (100 Kingdoms, Metal)

You can see pictures at links

B) 10mm American Civil War Hand-painted Chess Set
Figures are Pendraken
Price: 100 TL

C) 28mm Hand-painted Napoleonic Collection with display case

Figures are a mix of Perry, Foundry, Warlord and Victrix
Price: 150 TL

D) 28mm Hand-painted Balkan Wars Miniatures and Display Base
All are Tiger Miniatures
Price: 150 TL 

E) Assorted battery operated pocket watches (two need batteries)
One Napoleon from Les Inavalides, One 150th Anniversary of US Civil War, One New York State.
Price :50 TL ,whole lot.

F) Nintendo Kabufuda "President" Playing Car Deck
Price :50 TL

G) WW1 Propaganda Pin. Kaisers and Sultan. Not sure if it is authentic or reproduction. Bought at Grand Bazzar. 
Price: 200 TL

H) Warhammer 40k Space Marine Army
Price: 500 TL

All painted.
5 Assault Marines
1 Chaplain in Assault Armor
1 Company Banner
1 Captain
1 Company Champion
14 Marines
7 Marines with Heavy Weapons
1 Razorback
2 Rhinos
1 Dreadnought 
6 Terminators
1 Grey Knight

Some pictures can be seen here

I) 1/2400 Greek Fleet 1912-1919 (including planned ships)
Price: 200 TL

All metal or rapid production plastic, painted.
1x Salamis Dreadnought Battleship
1x Vasilefs Konstantinos Dreadnought Battleship
2x Kilkis. Lemnos Pre-Dreadnought Battleships
1x Averoff Armored Cruiser
3x Spetsai Coast Defense Ironclads
1x Elli Light Cruiser
Plus bone French pre-dreadnought battleship

Some pics can be seen here

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